Erfold Advanced 2D/3D


ERFOLD ADVANCED is the ultimate cnc graphic controller software specificly designed for ERBEND motorized folding machines which provides a full and modern control capability to its user with various solutions and user friendly interface for any kind of folding operations.

  • 15.6’’ or 22’’ tft panel capacitive touchscreen all-in one industrial pc controller on swivel arm.
  • 16 GB hard disk space which allows you to save unlimited part or tool data.
  • All main worldwide languages are supported

Admin user authorization is protected by special password.

Programs Menu: You can create a new part or select pre-programmed parts from the list, you can select or edit the existing part’s material type,thickness or sheet width.

If you want to create your bending steps without depending on a graphic or drawing design, you can use the simple line by line mode and make your programme by entering all numeric values of the axis.

2D Editor: You can create a new bending programme by drawing and design line by line and by giving required dimensions and visualize it in 2D view. You can create standard bends, radius bends or open/closed hemming bends.

3D Editor (only available in ERFOLD ADVANCED 3D): You can draw the part in 3D view or you can import your part as DXF /STEP/IGS file by importing over an offline pc software. You can create standart flange bendings or open / closed hemming bends.

Tool Up Menu: You can do your tool setup easily by manual choice or by automatic tooling, you can determine different stations for different bends. In 3D version you can also import your tool data in STEP/IGES format and introduce your new tool to the machine.

Simulation Mode: You can simulate the bending scenario of the part and check if you have any collisions to decide to change the part dimensions,tool setup or bending sequence of the part if needed.

Auto Cycle – Production Mode: While you are running your pre-edited part’s production, you can see the situation of the part in 3D and also machine axis target / actual positions in numeric value on the screen. You can also activate timer, piece counter or repetition for any kind of bend or part programme.

Step Data Mode: If you don’t want to work with graphic or auto cycle mode, you can create a new bending programme by entering numeric values line by line or you can edit your pre-arranged data by changing axis movement like upper beam opening between the steps, bending beam angle correction or back gauge position correction and intervene the existing programme according to the material springback or shortening results.

Movement / Manual Control Mode: You can control the machine axis manually and individually to calibrate them one by one if needed.

Axis Reference / Calibration/Preset Mode: You can send all of your machine axes to their home positions automatically before starting a new part programme.

Remote Service Connection: When you connect your machine to the internet, it is enough just to click the remote service button and tell your teamviewer ID to our service to let us check and diagnose your machine remotely in case of a problem.