PBC 2315 Automatic Panel Bender Compact
PBC 2315
Capacity and Dimensions
Sheet lengthmm2300
Maximum material lengthmm2300
Maximum material widthmm1500
Maximum bend height/depthmm254
Minimum bending size (4 sides)mm410 x 410
Minimum bending size (1 side)mm210
Minimum bending radiusmm1.2
Twisting speedSeconds0.5
Pressure clearancemm265
Maximum bending angle°+/- 145°
Minimum bending diametermmSteel: 1.5
Stainless steel: 1
Aluminum: 2
Software ERFOLD
Number of axisServo11
Machine dimensionsLengthmm5000
Machine weightkg15000
Standard Features

Control panel.

It has a sheet-holding system

  • In ERFOLD CNC control system, each side bend is programmed individually and profile view of the side is shown on the screen after each bend is programmed.
  • Each process type on the sides (normal bend,hemming,large radius etc.) is defined,and bending/process length is entered numerically. Application Areas

Application Areas

  • Stainless furniture / trims
  • Panels
  • Metal architectural accessories and illumination covers
  • Electrical cabinets and panels
  • Professional kitchen equipments

Machined and welded steel body frame…

Bending Shapes
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